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Teaching Experience

Please reach out for my full teaching portfolio.

You can learn more about my work teaching tech ethics here.

Course development: 

As a Teaching Fellow: 

  • Experiential Ethics, MIT

As a teaching assistant with MIT Philosophy:

  • Feminist Thought, Sally Haslanger

    • Guest lecture: "Care Economics" 

  • Bioethics, Robin Scheffler and Haley Schilling

    • Guest lecture: "Feminist (Bio)Ethics of Care" 

  • Minds and Machines, for E.J. Green

    • Guest lecture: "The Chinese Room" 

  • Ethics, Tamar Schapiro

  • Philosophy of Religion, Jack Spencer

    • Guest lecture: "Religious Dissent"

  • Problems of Philosophy, for Caspar Hare

As a Graduate Teaching Fellow for Embedded EthiCS @ Harvard:

  • “Hardware Backdoors and Responsibility,” Computing Hardware, Vijay Reddi

  • “Designing Usable Programming Languages,” Programming Languages, Nada Amin

  • “Thinking Responsibly about AI Systems,” Artificial Intelligence, Ariel Procaccia

  • “Privacy and the Ethics of Client-Side Scanning,"Cryptography, Boaz Barak 

  • “Ethics of Language Encoding,"Systems Programming and Machine Organization, Eddie Kohler


Invited guest lectures:

  • “Responsible Career Choices,” Being, Thinking, and Doing: Ethics in Your Life, Anni Raty, MIT

  • “Career Ethics: Hard Choices and Responsibility,” Being, Thinking, and Doing: Ethics in Your Life, Thomas Byrne, MIT

  • “The Ethics of Care,” Introduction to Moral Philosophy, Barry Maguire, Stanford

Pedagogical training: 

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